NEEDED Project

Next generation data-driven reference European models and methods towards silent and green aircraft operations around airports

Towards a silent and ultra-low local air pollution aircraft

NEEDED is a 48-month research project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe programme.

NEEDED aims to deliver the next generation of reference European models and methods at TRL4 to estimate present and future aircraft emissions (pollutants and noise) and the number of people affected by them. It responds to the HORIZON-CL5_2022-D5-01-12 topic while pursuing EUROCONTROL’s commitment to the EU’s vision for a Single European Sky.



The NEEDED project aims to enable the entry into service of transformative aircraft technologies developed through the Horizon and Clean Aviation programmes, while minimizing the effects of air transport on pollution and noise. To achieve this, NEEDED has four objectives:

  • #OBJ1
    Improve the accuracy of air traffic operations around airports by using ADS-B data and new methods for estimating flight parameters.
  • #OBJ2
    Advance air quality modeling by establishing emission inventories for pollutants and using highly resolved atmospheric dispersion models.
  • #OBJ3
    Enhance noise modeling capabilities for present and future aircraft technologies, while extending the reference ECAC Doc.29 noise modeling capabilities.
  • #OBJ4
    Link the technical advancements to dynamic population maps while enabling the assessment of future air traffic scenarios and the optimisation of flight patterns to minimise the detrimental impact on the population.
Our social and environmental impact

NEEDED is working for greener and quieter local air transport operations.

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